Our consulting approach comes directly from practice. We deliver solutions based on our many years of practical experience, industry standards and best practices. According to our motto: "Do it right the first time", we accompany you in your initiatives and projects, from conception to successful completion

Strategy consultancy

Dynamic, lean and efficient organisations are based on modern information systems. The highest levels of optimization of organizations and processes cannot be realized without appropriate IT systems. The measures required for this, such as efficient corporate management, continuous improvements, proactive error prevention, etc., are based on the one hand on extensive automation of processes, and on the other hand on the recording and prompt evaluation of process and corporate key figures.
This means that the IT organisation in modern companies is also becoming increasingly important. IT is changing from a pure service provider to a competent partner for the other business areas, which makes a significant contribution to the success of the company.

At the same time, however, IT budgets are coming under increasing pressure due to cost containment measures. As companies focus on their core competencies, IT resources are being reduced and IT services outsourced. However, this is associated with the risk that the expertise required for the design, implementation and operation of a complex IT system landscape is lost and that IT cannot fulfil the above-mentioned partner role.
In this area of conflict the add7 supports you in all critical IT functions. Our services range from the development of the IT strategy, its implementation and control with the help of IT governance, to the assumption of specific IT management tasks and project management.

We see our role as a long-term and reliable partner who enables you to meet the current challenges in information management with a lean and efficient IT organization.

Process Management

We optimize your processes not only on paper - we also implement the specifications together. Our approach is based on the classic four-step method (process identification and delimitation, analysis of the actual processes, conception of the target processes, realization of the improvement potential), which we have supplemented with experience and methods from our consulting practice.
Within the scope of the cooperation with our customers we show optimization potentials in the organization and develop sustainable solutions. The entire modelling of company processes is carried out with the support of our integrated management system "IMSA7". This we also make available to interested customers.

Project Management

Project management defines the methods, tools and personal skills required for the successful implementation of complex, cross-divisional information systems. The larger and more complex the projects, the greater the risk of failure and the greater the importance of a mature project management system.
In order to ensure the success of your IT projects, add7 supports you in the area of IT project management with a wide range of services.

We help you to establish IT project management as a core competence in your company or to increase the maturity level of your IT project management. Here we work with you to develop a tailor-made package of measures, which is based on the following elements. These can be seen on the table to the right.

  • Establishment of a PM Office
  • Implementation of a standardized PM methodology
  • Implementation of program management or portfolio management
  • Coaching of IT project managers and teams
  • Implementation of PM tools

In addition, add7 supports you in the implementation of specific projects. We provide you with the resources and skills you need for the success of your critical projects. This ranges from experienced project managers to IT specialists in various disciplines to experts in the area of regulated systems and compliance.